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nouvel an belgique 2020 coronavirus

    nouvel an belgique 2020 coronavirus

    Coronavirus: les cuisines de l’Ancienne Belgique utilisées pour préparer des repas de Nouvel An aux sans-abri ... L’Ancienne Belgique et le centre … [11] Unlike many other countries, which publish figures based primarily on confirmed hospital deaths, the death figures reported by the Belgian authorities include deaths in the community, especially in care homes, confirmed to have been caused by the coronavirus, as well as a much larger number of such deaths suspected to have been caused by the virus, even if the person was not tested. The total number of recoveries is therefore underestimated, particularly in a context where there are many undetected positive cases presenting mild symptoms and recovering as well. The yearly one week school holiday around carnival lasted from 22 February until 1 March 2020. [100][specify], On 20 March at 3 pm Belgium closed its borders to all non-essential travel. Those breaking the rules could be fined up to 250 Euros. Aug 1. [92], On 1 March, as a second case of coronavirus was confirmed in Belgium, phase 2 of the health risk containment strategy was activated. The virus was confirmed to have spread to Belgium on 4 February 2020, when one of a group of nine Belgians repatriated from Wuhan to Brussels was reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus. [10] However, Belgium may have been over-reporting the number of cases, with health officials reporting that suspected cases were being reported along with confirmed cases. Jun [203][specify], In an effort to alleviate the hand sanitiser shortage in Belgium, several Belgian companies started to make alcohol[204] or to manufacture hand sanitisers themselves, like the pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica,[205] the brewing company AB InBev[206] and the Sugar refinery of Tienen,[207] reaching a total of 1 million liters of gel and ending the shortage in the country. [68], The additional number of people reported as having tested positive for the novel coronavirus peaked on 28 March compared to the previous days. vof), a consultancy firm that had no track record in the medical field and was owned by Mahmut Öz, a Belgo-Turkish politician from her own political affiliation. On 12 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a novel coronavirus was the cause of a respiratory illness in a cluster of people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, which was reported to the WHO on 31 December 2019. Because of the use of actual dates and as some delay occurs in reporting, all figures are subject to retrospective updating. As a result, the new Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo announced that a national lockdown would be reintroduced from 2 November onwards. Oct Cafes and restaurants were allowed to be open as of 8 June. [72] However, on the daily press conference of the Belgian National Crisis Centre of 28 March Dr Emmanuel André of the UZ Leuven mentioned that the number of 789 ICUs corresponded to 43% of the capacity, bringing the total capacity to 1835 instead of 2650, while Dr Van Gucht quoted the capacity as 2081 units. [61], On 21 March it was observed that more than half of the patients in the hospital Oost-Limburg in Genk were of Turkish origin. The COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).The virus was confirmed to have spread to Belgium on 4 February 2020, when one of a group of nine Belgians repatriated from Wuhan to Brussels was reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus. On 25 July new regulations made it compulsory to wear face coverings in most indoor spaces and busy outdoor spaces. Gemiddeld bijna 1000 nieuwe besmettingen per dag", "Gezondheidseconoom Lieven Annemans roept op om coronamaatregelen in vraag te stellen", "Belgian mayors race to quell coronavirus clusters after Portugal youth trip", "Covid: Belgium announces return to national lockdown", "18 dead in carehome visted by super spreader auxiliary saint", Corona infections at the nuclear powerplant Doel, "Here's why Belgium has nine health ministers", "Buitenlandse Zaken raadt alle niet-essentiële reizen naar China af wegens het coronavirus", "Belgium enters Phase 2 for coronavirus: what does it mean? The actual number of infections, however, is likely to be much higher than the number of diagnosed cases, as laboratory tests are limited to specific people and/or people with severe symptoms, and because many people with mild or no symptoms do not seek medical help, even as they are likely to be transmitting the virus.[8]. [28], As of 3 March, six further cases were confirmed, making a total of 14 cases. [80] As of 3 April the case fatality rate of the COVID-19 disease is in Belgium similar to the neighbouring countries The Netherlands and France but much higher than in Germany. Both men later recovered. (Data from the last two days still have to be consolidated by Sciensano. [53], On 10 March, the total number of confirmed cases was 267. The daily Sciensano report of 28 March saw a spectacular rise of the incidence numbers for the province of Liège: from 19 confirmed cases per 100 000 population on 27 March it rose to 77. the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) presided by Sciensano; the Risk Management Group (RMG) led by Paul Pardon MD; the Scientific Committee for Coronavirus (Steven Van Gucht. [150][151] Hospitals such as the Centre Hospitalier Interrégional Edith Cavell (CHIREC) reported that they were in dire need of protective masks. [222], Just as most airlines in the world,[223] the national flag carrier Brussels Airlines suspended all its commercial flights as of 21 March, originally until 19 April[224] but delayed the restart of operations first till 15 May,[225] then till 1 June,[226] then gradually from 15 June. This was due to underreporting by a lab in the province. In September an average of more than 30,000 tests were carried out daily compared to ca. During the first wave in the spring, far fewer infections were detected. ", "Le nombre de personnes guéries, l'autre chiffre sous-estimé", "Covid-19 : combien y a-t-il de personnes guéries en France ? Cases and hospitalisations: data collected by. Feb ", "Optimisme kwam zoals gevreesd te vroeg: "Modellen voorspellen piek begin april, "Opnieuw 205 doden, maar 'voor eerst daling van aantal gehospitaliseerde patiënten, "Belgium's Prince Joachim apologises for Spanish lockdown party", "Kaap van 100.000 besmettingen overschreden in België, cijfers blijven stijgen", "Corona in België. [238] The number of recovered people who were tested positive but not admitted to hospital remains unknown as there is no follow-up on these cases. Aug [200] Professor Barbé at the Free University of Brussels-VUB uses a first order differential equation with two proxy variables. Conditions générales de vente - [15], The case fatality ratio for COVID-19 has been much lower than SARS of 2003,[16][17] but the transmission has been significantly greater, with a significant total death toll. Five were found in Flanders and one in Brussels, all six infected people having come back from Northern Italy. Dec [needs update] ICU), New deaths per day in Belgium Les Belges incités à fêter Noël au jardin. Care organisations accused the minister of losing 3 weeks time, and being very late with an emergency plan. This page was last edited on 30 December 2020, at 06:29. Coronavirus Cases: ), Tests and new confirmed cases per day in Belgium [citation needed], As of 25 June, the Belgian authorities had reported 61,007 confirmed cases, with a total of 9,726 deaths and at least 17,688 discharged patients. Individuals are required to stay in their homes from 11.30 pm to 6 am. [105] On 15 April, the containment measures were extended until the 3 May. Mid September, an average of 1,100 new infections per day were counted. [174], This way of counting was criticised by Flemish Minister for Tourism, Zuhal Demir, as it would portray Belgium as bad in the fight against coronavirus and also would harm the Belgian reputation of being a prominent country in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Covid-19 : le Japon s’isole à nouveau et se ferme surtout aux Occidentaux Le Japon annonce son plan pour une neutralité carbone en 2050 Avec … On 1 June Belgium's Prince Joachim issued a public apology following news that he tested positive for COVID-19 after he attended a party in Spain, in violation of the country's lockdown.[79]. Le public peut également contribuer, via la billetterie en ligne, à l’initiative en faisant don d’un repas de Nouvel An pour cinq euros. Accueil; Monde; Covid-19 : les Italiens remis sous cloche pour Noël et le Nouvel An. [95], On 10 March, the government advised citizens to cancel any indoor scheduled events to be attended by more than 1,000 people for the month of March. [107] On 19 March, a shipment of 100,000 FFP2 respirators arrived. [57], On 12 March, two new infections were detected as well as 32 suspected cases in retirement home Ter Kameren in Watermael-Boitsfort, one of the biggest retirement homes of the Brussels region. [56] Two more patients died on the same day, one aged 73, and one of 86 who died in Sint-Genesius-Rode. However, not all countries count the deaths in the same way. [116] From the first report of infection within Belgium, the government communicated on certain developments with the public. [45][46], On 5 March 27 new confirmed cases were reported by the government (16 in Flanders, nine in Wallonia and two in Brussels), bringing the total to 50. [149] On 20 March, a shipment from China of 5 million masks arrived at the airport of Bierset, but these were surgical masks and not the type of respirators required to protect the medical staff. The graphs below are based on the data collected by Sciensano[258] (Belgian Institute for Public Health), as per the actual dates. Mar [173] The Netherlands on the other hand, only counted confirmed cases. [229][specify], The closures and bans ordered by the authorities led to cancellation of many events in the country. [12][170], Steven Van Gucht from Sciensano explained this was partly due to a difference in counting, compared to other countries. De Croo said that the restrictions would remain in place until at least mid-December. La Belgique durcit ses mesures contre le Covid-19 après une augmentation « inquiétante » des cas Le gouvernement a décidé de rétrécir la « bulle sociale » : chaque individu ne pourra avoir des contacts qu’avec cinq personnes maximum en dehors de son foyer. [48] The new cases were reported to be in Knokke-Heist, Zonhoven, Doomkerke [nl] (Ruiselede) and Vlierzele (part of Sint-Lievens-Houtem).[49]. - L'Avenir [1], In the period between 17 and 21 March the number of deaths due to COVID-19 doubled on average every 1.4 days (64 % daily increase). It lasted 1 month. [179] According to Steven Van Gucht, responsible for the reporting strategy, the suspected deaths are being counted as COVID-19 deaths because not everyone can be tested[179] but said this way of counting saved lives by pointing to the dire situation the care homes were in. In an apparent effort at transparency, a daily epidemiological bulletin and a set of raw data are made available on the Belgian Institute for Health website. [121][122][123][124][specify], Experts and authorities also used the media to express themselves throughout the crisis, either to reproach citizens organising or taking part in so-called 'lockdown or corona parties',[125] or otherwise to give their point of view. [99], On 17 March, the National Security Council decided to take additional measures, based on the spread of COVID-19 in Belgium and on recommendations of experts. Many people go on ski vacation during that period and the number of detected virus infections rose sharply upon the return of people from holidays in affected areas. Engie Electrabel assured that the safety of the nuclear power plant would not be compromised. The dates above are the dates of reporting which can be different than the actual dates of diagnosis or death. The official reports from the national public health institute of Belgium do not refer to recovered people but only to discharged patients. visits are limited to 30 minutes). [147][148] On 16 March, De Standaard reported that De Block had blundered by ordering all 5 million masks from a single company (M.O.S.S.A. [109] Minister Philippe De Backer was assigned to coordinating the efforts of the authorities to supply masks and respirators. [166], On 10 April, about 40% of all COVID-19 deaths in Belgium occurred in care homes. (Data from the last two days still have to be consolidated by Sciensano. 5,000 tests daily begin April. Causing an underreporting of around 3000 deaths. [12] Such differences in methods of counting complicate any attempt to compare death rates in different countries. [58] The total number of confirmed cases rose to 399. [81] The percentage of positive COVID-19 cases of all samples taken has risen in September to more than 3%. ), 7-day running average for daily new cases, hospitalisations, discharges and deaths, Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Belgium, Map of Belgium and its provinces with the spread of COVID-19 as of 9 July 2020, Infections at the Doel Nuclear Power Station, High death toll and unusual method of counting, Please consider summarizing the material while. Presidential Proclamation 9994 of March 13, 2020 Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak (as printed in the Federal Register, March 18, 2020, 85 FR 15337). Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. July and September 2020. [106], On 6 March, Federal Minister of Public Health Maggie De Block criticised EU governments for blocking the export of medical masks at a time when global stocks were decreasing, asserting that they were acting against the spirit of the European Union. [228], From 12 March onwards many people started hoarding for the next one and a half-week. Note: For some reason, Sciensano is using different age ranges for confirmed cases and for deaths. ", "Burgemeester Maingain neemt maatregel tegen coronavirus, De Block reageert: "Volledig disproportioneel, "Verrassend dat niet alle scholen hetzelfde doen", "Zeg alles af, of we stevenen op Italiaanse toestanden af", Coronavirus: Phase 2 maintained, transition to the federal phase and additional measures, "Controles aan Belgische grenzen om Nederlanders te weren, ook in Ardennen maatregelen", "Burgemeester van Turnhout aan Nederlandse collega's: stop "horecatoerisme'"", "People arriving in Belgium quarantined for a fortnight", "Measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus to remain in force until at least 19 April", "Verlenging van de maatregelen t.e.m. On 28 July, in response to a flare-up in Antwerp, measures are being tightened locally. The number of testing was now much increased. ", "What is coronavirus and how close is it to becoming a pandemic? Annonceurs - [69], As of 29 March, around 20,000 Belgian citizens were stuck abroad due to travel restrictions worldwide, many in Peru, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. [104], On 27 March, the National Security Council and the governments decided to extend the measures until 19 April (end of the Easter vacation). [96] Schools remained open but are advised to cancel both trips abroad and multi-day excursions in general. The cat had developed respiratory and digestive problems. ), Confirmed new cases per day by region [13][14] First reports of the coronavirus disease started to appear in the Belgian media around 8 January. [33][34] Steven Van Gucht of the Scientific Committee predicted that in the worst-case scenario the epidemic would cause 13,000 virus infections, with 2,000 to 3,000 hospitalisations and 500 to 700 patients in intensive care. While the neighbouring Netherlands had an estimated excess mortality of 6,200, with only 3,197 reported COVID-19 deaths in that same period. Echt belangrijk om nu strikt de maatregelen op te volgen, "De Coronacurves van biostatisticus prof. dr. Kurt Barbé", "Brouwer-stoker schakelt over: alcohol voor handgel in plaats van whisky uit stookketel", "Janssen Pharma, Tereos én Filliers starten noodproductie desinfecterende ontsmettingsalcohol", "AB InBev maakt handgels en ontsmettingsmiddel uit restalcohol alcoholvrij bier", "Tiense Suikerraffinaderij maakt desinfecterende handgel", "Les entreprises belges produisent 1 million de litres de gel hydroalcoolique et mettent fin à la pénurie", "Production of face-masks locally is 'pretty much impossible,' says industry", "Textielsector: 'Hier productie van mondmaskers opstarten, is niet vanzelfsprekend, "Coronavirus: Belgian companies to start producing face masks", "GSK's major contributions to the fight against Covid-19 in Belgium", "Moet er snel een echte regering komen om de coronacrisis te bezweren? [36], By 4 March 10 new cases were confirmed, making a total of 23. The increased number of tests could partially but not fully explain the increasing number of infections. (Data from the last two days still have to be consolidated by Sciensano. [192], Research to find a vaccine against COVID-19, medication for the lung disease or new test methods are concentrated in Belgium amongst others at the KU Leuven (vaccine and new medication, Prof Johan Neyts),[193][194] at the University of Namur (new test method, Benoït Muylkens)[195] and by private companies in collaboration with universities (new 15-minute test method detecting coronavirus antigens, CORIS BioConcept). Contact - Politique de cookies - May [42] A retirement home in Gooik stopped receiving visitors after discovering that one of its employees could have been in contact with the coronavirus, a precaution[43] the Flemish Agency for Care and Health qualified as inappropriate and "excessive". [52], From 422 samples analysed on 7 March 31 were reported positive on 8 March (16 in Flanders, eight in Brussels and seven in Wallonia), bringing the number of infections to 200. Jul Belgium is among the countries with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per head of population in the world. Dec [186], Even if Belgium belongs to the EU's top five in terms of intensive care unit (ICU) capacity, with a number quoted to be around 15.9[187][188] to 16.5[189] ICUs per 100 000 inhabitants before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Belgian hospitals started to increase their number of intensive care units around 10 March. [40] In Wevelgem, a family and a primary school teacher were diagnosed with the coronavirus upon their return from the North of Italy. We examine how different definitions and … [218][219] The government also received certain plenary powers to deal with the pandemic quickly and effectively. [241] As of 5 April, Sciensano reported a total of 3,986 discharged patients since the 15 March. COVID-19 confirmed cases in Belgium by gender and age (, COVID-19 deaths in Belgium by gender and age (, COVID-19 confirmed cases in Belgium by gender (. [153], On 7 March, Marc Van Ranst confirmed Belgium was facing a shortage of reagents to do widespread COVID-19 testing, and the laboratory reference (National Reference Centre)[154] at the UZ Leuven was therefore forced to apply a triage system and to limit the number of tests. Last 15 days [134] The BVAS/ABSyM, the biggest medical trade union in Belgium, warned for a potential collapse of the health care system and called for a closure of all schools at short notice as well as a ban on all gatherings of more than hundred people. [98] It was stressed that the measures taken were not a lockdown because people were not required to stay home. The COVID-19 pandemic in Albania is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).The first case in the Republic of Albania was reported in Tirana on 8 March 2020, when a patient and his adult son who had come from Florence, Italy tested positive. [167][168] In Brussels, coronavirus cases have been confirmed in 116 of the 146 care homes. [84], On 24 September, new coronavirus restrictions were announced by the government. On 11 March the care homes were closed for all visitors in Wallonia and Brussels, and a day later in Flanders. Coronavirus: AztraZeneca pourrait procéder à un nouvel essai de son candidat-vaccin 26/11/2020 Partenariat entre Banque Atlantique et un projet agricole et d’élevage au Niger In June, 10,000 people demonstrated in Brussels, in the Black Lives Matter demonstration, with corona measures still in place. [220], Following the containment measures of the federal government, many Belgian businesses had to shut down temporarily or have reduced staff numbers at work, resulting in 1.25 million people on temporary unemployment. [237], In the period of 1 to 6 March the number of detected cases grew on average exponentially with a doubling of the number of cases every day. [23], On 24 February, following the spread of the COVID-19 in northern Italy, a hundred Belgian citizens were put in quarantine in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife that was put on lockdown. Les conducteurs bénévoles ne pourront pas ramener les fêtards à leur domicile cette année lors du réveillon de Nouvel An, déplorent mercredi les Responsible Young Drivers dans un communiqué. It was strongly disapproved by Minister President of Flanders Jan Jambon who called it detrimental to the spread of the virus. The global effort to develop a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine is likely to soon produce one or more authorized vaccines. However, not much was changed and the care homes kept operating with a lack of tests and a lack of protective equipment while being required to keep many infected residents in the homes. 21 July, three Chiro Flanders youth camps were canceled in West Flanders and Antwerp because 11 leaders were found to be infected. [78] The peak was 417 deaths in 24 hours. the national public health institute of Belgium (. Apr [169], In April, Belgium had very high mortality figures, the highest death rate from COVID-19 in the world at that time. [201][202] University of Antwerp, with the assistance of KU Leuven and Hasselt University, launched a study to assess the impact of the containment measures and the evolution of the epidemic in Belgium, through a series of online surveys. The patients are discharged after resolution of symptoms, even though they are not being tested again before leaving the hospital. [250] On 29 March the province of Liège even became the second worst affected province in Belgium after Limburg. [22] The patient, an asymptomatic 54-year-old male, was then transferred to the Saint Peter's Hospital in Brussels, one of the two referral centres in the country. Efforts to address the coronavirus outbreak in Belgium are managed by the nine federal and regional health ministers, Maggie De Block (Open VLD, federal government), Wouter Beke (CD&V, Flemish Community), Christine Morreale [fr] (PS, French Community), Antonios Antoniadis [de] (SP, German-speaking Community), Bénédicte Linard [fr] (Ecolo, French Community), Valérie Glatigny [fr] (MR, French Community), Alain Maron [fr] (Ecolo, Brussels), Elke Van den Brandt [nl] (Groen, Brussels) and Barbara Trachte [fr] (Ecolo, Brussels),[89] with the support of: On 29 January, Belgium issued a travel notice advising against non-essential flights to China, Hong Kong excluded, with some travel companies cancelling all flights to China. [120], The Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès addressed citizens twice via a web video, taking stock of the situation. The hotspot in Alken is thought to have been caused because of two parties that were allowed to gather over the weekend of 7 March. of counting caused the reported COVID-19 death toll in Belgium to be closer to the excess mortality figures, compared to other countries. The authorities called this reinforced phase 2. [131] Zorgnet Icuro,[132] an umbrella organisation in the field of health care and care for the elderly, requested the Flemish Minister for Public health Wouter Beke to take stronger actions with respect to visitor access at retirement homes in Flanders. The peak occurred because more persons were being tested and because a major Walloon laboratory that had not reported any cases up to that point then belatedly reported 500 additional cases from a past period. The new cases were amongst others reported in Oosterzele and Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Experts like Marc Wathelet, a virologist specialised in coronaviruses, urged for strict prevention measures, affirming that the Belgian federal minister of health Maggie De Block was underestimating the danger[129] and Professor in microbiology Herman Goossens of the UZA [nl] in Antwerp, called for wider screening for the virus. [citation needed], On 21 February, a group of ten Belgian citizens were allowed to return to Belgium after having been constrained on the MS Westerdam cruise ship for several days. [231][232], The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy reported that the strong decrease in car and air traffic due to the confinement measures does not necessarily entail as strong a decrease in air pollution. 2020-05-06: 110 deaths reported for last 24h and 229 deaths in hospitals reported additionally for the period between 24 March and 4 May (inclusive). Protection de la vie privée - "Manier van tellen is anders, "Van Gucht: 'We trekken ons best niets aan van internationale ranking van coronadoden, "The trends of the last days seem to persist", "Waarom je coronacijfers van landen niet zomaar kunt vergelijken", "Coronavirus: Belgium's high death toll will deter tourists", "Nieuw gemor over Belgische rapportering coronadoden", "Belgium says transparency explains high virus death toll", "Coronavirus: Counting all deaths in care centres is 'dumb, "Why does Belgium have so many Coronavirus deaths? “Over two decades, Gavi has helped an additional 822 million children from the world’s most vulnerable countries access critical, life-saving vaccines”, said Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi. Conditions générales d’utilisation - Starting 4 May 2020, Belgium began gradually to ease the lockdown measures, which were the measures taken from March 18 to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration plans to have an expert panel review any Covid-19 vaccine application for emergency use, along with at … 3 mei", "Coronavirus: EU ministers urge members to share supplies", "Coronavirus: 100.000 masques FFP2 sont arrivés ce jeudi à Liège et seront immédiatement distribués", "Coronavirus: Alibaba gives Belgium 500,000 mouth masks", "De Backer moet tekort aan mondmaskers tegengaan", "Belgium increases COVID-19 testing capacity to 10,000 test a day", "Coronavirus: Belgium pours €5 million into efforts to fast-track vaccine", "Coronavirus: la Belgique est très bien préparée, selon Maggie De Block", "Minister De Block: "Kans is reëel dat coronavirus naar ons land komt, maar er is een plan, "COVID-19: Press conference – streaming and archives", "Coronavirus - Mijn boodschap aan de Belgische bevolking", "Coronavirus - Message à la population belge", "Last night's "lock-down parties" trigger indignation", "De coronapiek komt, al de rest is onzeker", "Brussel betreurt de helft van de corona-overlijdens tot nu toe, maar die cijfers geven een vertekend beeld", "King Filip calls on Belgians to respect the COVID-19 measures "for ourselves and for the most vulnerable among us, "Lettre ouverte à la ministre de la Santé publique : "Coronavirus, il faut savoir écouter la peur, "Experts oneens over aanpak coronavirus: "Patiënt was niet gevonden als we richtlijnen overheid hadden gevolgd, "Apothekers kregen nog steeds geen specifieke instructies over corona: "Wij zitten nochtans in de vuurlinie, "Vlaamse rusthuizen eisen verbod op bezoek", "Professoren Goossens en Van Ranst: "Draconische maatregelen zijn nodig, zoals alle evenementen schrappen, "Open brief van Vlaamse rectoren en experts: "Het coronavirus is ernstig, aan vrijblijvende richtlijnen hebben we niets, "Coronavirus: Knokke jusqu'au 30 avril en "lockdown, "Coronavirus crisis brings fragmented Brussels together", "Financial Times vol lof over Belgische aanpak coronacrisis", "Steven Van Gucht: rustig, empathisch en heerlijk helder", "There Aren't Enough Medical Masks to Fight Coronavirus. [citation needed], Some Belgian hospitals also appealed to the community to help, such as the UZ Leuven who called for mouth masks[190] and financial support for research into COVID-19,[191] or Brussels Saint Peter's hospital who called for donations to buy life-saving ventilators. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is arming consumers with a list of disinfectants that people can use to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus. Sep [63] The mayor of Sint-Truiden, who was herself infected by the new coronavirus, mentioned she did not understand the reason for the high incidence in her town. An official website[117] of the Federal Public Service Health dedicated to the coronavirus crisis was registered by the authorities before the first case was officially confirmed, at the end of January,[118] to inform the public. President's Address to the Nation on the Coronavirus, March 11, 2020.

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